You can make Labneh yourself by draining yogurt. But it’s not that easy if you want to make good quality Labneh. In your own kitchen you don’t have much influence on the temperature and bacteria. Making your own Labneh is only safe if you consume the Labneh within a few days. Labneh from the Zuivelarij is good for at least six weeks. With the help of some pictures, we show how our Labneh is made.


First we make yogurt. Usually when you make yogurt you want it to be thick, creamy and homogeneous without too much moisture leaking out afterwards. What we want is the moisture (= milk whey) to leak out of the yogurt. That’s why we use a specific culture of bacteria. The milk ferments for several hours and then the milk becomes yogurt.


The chilled yogurt goes in cloth bags and starts draining for more than 48 hours. This is a quite artisan process that can also be executed by expensive machines. But we’re going to have to make a lot of Labneh for that.


To drain your Labneh even better, it will be stacked and stacked again for another 24 hours. In the end, only 40% of the original yogurt remains. All the good thins of yogurt are now concentrated.


We call it homogenizing but in fact it isn’t. Small pieces of firmer Labneh will still be visible in the Labneh. They’re the best parts. We pump the strained Labneh through what is called a ‘lobe pump’ to make the mass more homogeneous without hurting the labneh structure. A delicate work.


The Labneh is filled in 200 grams jars. Our Labneh will now last at least six weeks. At least! You can buy our Labneh in Delhaize and many other local stores.

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