Buying Labneh

You can buy our Labneh at various local food shops and Delhaize.

You’ll find him in the yogurt shelf.

buying labneh

      Labneh is a strained and thickened, lightly salted yogurt. We like to use him as dip, mezze, sharing or healthy vegetarian meal Finish with fresh or dried herbs, your best olive oil, in your most beautiful plate.

      You can also use our Labne where you would otherwise use sour cream or full fresh cheese. In sauces, spreads or as a healthy mayonnaise, Labneh gives a rich but fresh flavor. Use it for tzatziki,

      We make our Labneh from the milk of local farmers and we use both goat and cow’s milk. From this milk we first make yogurt and then we allow the yogurt to drain in cloth bags for at least three days. A traditional technique that requires a lot of manual labor but produces the best strained yogurt.

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