” It’s Yoghurt, Jim, but not as we know it. “

Labneh, labne, lebne, strained yoghurt, yoghurt cheese

Labneh is a very thick, savoury yogurt, originally from The Middle Eastern kitchen. Its pungent, slightly sour taste in combination with its creamy mouthfeel, ensure an intense flavour. In our cheese dairy, the yogurt has the time to drain for 48 hours. This way, all that is good in the yogurt is concentrated.

You don’t just eat Labneh like any other yogurt. Because our Labne is slightly sour, you should eat it as a yogurt dip, snack, mezze, sharing, savoury breakfast, healthy meal or as a meat substitute. Spread on a nice plate, top with olive oil, fresh or dried herbs, grilled vegetables, then eat it with flatbread.


In the Zuivelarij we eat Labne as a healthy vegetarian meal or sharing dish. We want you to look for your most beautiful plate, your best oil and some creativity. Don’t forget to share your Labneh creations with us on social.

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