” Labneh is yogurt as it was once meant to be eaten,

not sweet, but savory “

labneh, tomato, olive oil, leaked yogurt

Labneh, labne, lebne, strained yoghurt, yoghurt cheese

Labneh is a very thick, lightly salted, long drained yogurt from the middle eastern kitchen. His sharp somewhat sour taste combined with the creamy mouth feel gives it an intense taste. In our Zuivelarij we still make Labneh in the traditional way. The yogurt strains in linen bags for 48 hours. All the good of yogurt is concentrated here.

You don’t eat Labne like other yogurt. Our Labneh is lightly salted. You eat it as yogurt dip, snack, mezze, sharing, savory breakfast, healthy meal or meat substitute. Spread the labneh out on your most beautiful plate, top with good olive oil, fresh or dried herbs, grilled vegetables or salsa and eat with flat bread.

In our Dairy we like to eat Labneh as a healthy meal or as a sharing front or side dish. With a little bit of creativity, you quickly and very easily bring a beautiful plate to the table. Don’t forget to give us your own creations.

We don’t actively promote it and don’t vouch for the consequences, but you can also create your own Labne

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