Labneh recipes

You can vary endlessly with the Labneh recipes from our Zuivelarij. Spread the Labneh on your most beautiful plate, finish with a nice topping, salsa, chutney, fresh or dried herbs and lots of good olive oil. Traditionally, Labneh is served with flatbread as a mezze.

Labneh can also be used in recipes to replace sour cream or cream cheese. Our Labneh gives your recipe a rich flavor and a fresh and pungent touch. As an example, use it in place of tomato, on top of a pizza crust, as a base for a hearty tzatziki. Or in spicy Indian sauces, as a little healthier mayonnaise and in your homemade vegetable spreads. You can also combine it with our equally delicious Berloumi.

Labneh with brown butter, walnuts and sage.

When we think of labneh, we often think of summer tapas but that is wrong thinking. You can also top labneh with tasty winter ingredients. This labneh topping requires a little explanation.

Labneh with candied fennel and orange.

Cooking the fennel in orange juice for a long time makes it thoroughly cooked and tender. Afterwards, boil the spicy juice down to syrup thickness. The fennel is briefly sautéed. For extra flavor.

Roasted cauliflower with chaat masala

Roasted cauliflower with chaat masala

Roasting the cauliflower brings out a very rich and sweet flavor. The chaat masala spice mixture takes a bit of effort but trust us … this is a verry good mezze.

Tzatziki with labneh and dill

The best tzatziki is made with our labneh. We also give some other tips but this is the most important one.

tzatziki, labneh

Labneh with candied paprika and coriander

Cut four red bell peppers into pieces about two by two inches. Cook the bell pepper in fifteen grammes of olive oil for two hours. Add a tablespoon of coriander seeds. After about two hours of cooking, almost all the water will have evaporated from the peppers.

Labneh with quinoa salad, shaved cauliflower and apple

This quinoa salad contains quite a few different ingredients. Combined the create a unique playful texture. With the Labneh added, you have a complete vegetarian meal. We have made the recipe for the quinoa salad before along with our Berloumi.

Lentils, spinach and labneh

Our Labneh is packed with protein. Along with sautéed spicy spinach and lentils, you have a full meal. Cook the lentils separately until tender and then add them to the spinach. Season with za’atar or another spice mixture. This is not a recipe from us but from our client eFarmz.

Sourdough flatbread with labneh and za’atar

Labneh needs flatbread and a flatbread needs Labneh. It’s a traditional combination that never disappoints. The bread is nothing more than a leftover sourdough starter with salt and pepper.

Flatbread, labneh, sourdough, sourdough, zaatar

Labneh and ricotta cheesecake

This cheesecake contains two goodies from our Zuivelarij. The combination of our Berloumi Ricotta and our Labneh creates a firm, compact cheesecake that is still fresh and creamy. Since both our Labneh and Ricotta are firm, you can use a lot of juice from tangerines.

Labneh with puffed rice and sumac.

This preparation is super crunchy. For the puffed rice, it’s best to stop by your Indian or exotic store first. We make this puffed rice with poha. Poha is a kind of flattened rice.
Put the poha with a neutral oil in a small pan. Then immediately mix the oil and poha and heat, stirring constantly, until the rice begins to puff. The rice needs to cool briefly, and then you spoon it along with sumac and oil over our Labneh.

labneh, tomato, oil, basil

Labneh Caprese

A ripe tomato cut into wedges, and seeds removed. Then cut the segments first into strips, and then again into cubes. Mix the cubes with a little salt, and some sugar if necessary. The liquid should drain out a bit, so let the diced tomatoes stand for half an hour. Then pour off the liquid and mix the tomato pieces with a generous amount of good olive oil. About ten basil leaves are finely chopped with a sharp knife, then you mix them with the tomato mixture.

Labneh with fried leeks and pickled lemon

Here we give you a handy tip to get the leeks really nice and crispy. The oil in which the leeks cook also serves as a garnish.

Labneh with fried leeks

Labneh with croutons and bacon

The photo is not of a one-person portion, but of a mezze to share. The olive oil we love to pour over our Labneh is replaced by the animal fat that melts away from the bacon. The whole recipe can be found here.

Labneh with urfa biber

A recipe with Labneh should usually be nothing more than Labneh with oil and spices. Urfa Biber is a very tasty, mild but aromatic chili pepper. The peppers traditionally come from the Urfa region of Turkey. You can buy the chili pepper in any Turkish store. During the day the peppers dry, and at night they are packed to sweat and ferment. The taste is a little smoky and fruity. At your taste, sprinkle the chili pepper over the Labneh. The combination of hazelnut oil and crispy sweet potato is fantastic.

crumpets, ragfish, labneh

Crumpets with labneh and lumpfish eggs

The preparation of these crumpets may seem rather cumbersome but once you make them a few times, you’re off for good. And they are super tasty too!

Labneh with sweet potato chips.

Of all our Labneh recipes, this is the least easy. To make really crispy vegetable chips, you need to follow our tips. Our soft, creamy and fresh Labneh goes perfectly with these robust, crispy sweet potato chips. In most cases, vegetable chips end up as a wacky and greasy pile of vegetables on the table. How to make really crispy vegetable chips we explain in detail here.

Chips of sweet potato, labneh

Labneh with roasted carrots

The earthy, sweet flavor of these roasted carrots pairs perfectly with our fresh, tangy Labneh. You serve it all together with tabouleh or as in the picture as a side dish, brimming with vegetables.

The labneh recipe by Ottolenghi

Ottolenghi brought Middle Eastern cuisine to Europe. His Labneh with black olives, pistachios, herbs and lemon has since become, quite rightly, a modern classic.

Labneh with pistachio, black olives and lemon

Labneh with baked zucchini

A young, small and firm zucchini you cut into coarse bars. Get rid of the seed if you want. Then fry the zucchini in red-hot olive oil, until it is colored but just barely cooked. Remove the bars from the olive oil, allowing them to cool spread out. At the end mix in some good olive oil, pepper, salt and herbs. Serve as shown in the picture.

labneh, the Zuivelarij

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