Tabouleh with roasted carrots, chervil and Labneh

Tabouleh is a cold salad based on bulgur, tomatoes, onion, olive oil, lemon and herbs like parsley and mint. Lots and lots of herbs! It is a spicy, fresh salad that often has flat parsley as the main ingredient. We make this salad in the fall with an abundance of chervil and very nice roasted carrots.


Making Tabouleh

Prepare the couscous or bulgur like you always do, or as directed on the package. BUT, you are now replacing the water or broth with carrot juice.

We have to be honest about it: carrot juice has a somewhat darkened, dusty and unpleasant cooking smell. But in this couscous preparation, you hardly notice any of that.

When the couscous is done, mix it with plenty of olive oil. Then you let it cool down. Meanwhile, pick lots of fresh chervil, using only the leaves with soft stems. Mix the cold couscous with lemon juice, salt and as much chervil as possible. You can certainly keep the tabouleh for a day or two, but of course it’s tastier when you eat it sooner. Add a generous scoop of our Labneh and our technique for roasted carrots to make it a true autumnal dish.

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