Crumpets with Labneh

A crumpet is a bit like an English muffin. The batter is slightly thinner and should rise for an hour. Crumpets bake in a metal ring on a griddle. Usually crumpets are fried on one side only, but in De Zuivelarij we don’t do that. When you bake them without cooking rings, the crumpets don’t look as pretty, but they are still delicious.

Making the batter

In 510 grams of lukewarm water, dissolve 5 grams of dry yeast and 3 grams of sugar. To do this, use a large enough bowl, as the batter will rise in it later. Also add 460 grams of white bread flour, then stir everything well until you have a homogeneous batter.

Then set the batter aside to rise for an hour. Normally the batter rises quickly, and then collapses again afterwards. It should be like this. After an hour, add 10 grams of salt, and stir everything well together. At the end, dissolve another 10 grams of baking powder in 180 grams of whole milk. You then add that to the batter. Now stir well again, and bake.

Baking the crumpets

crumpets baking
On a large rimless baking sheet, you can bake many crumpets at once
Crumpets baking, crumpets
A crumpet as it should be, with the characteristic holes in the batter

We bake crumpets on a heavy cast iron plate that we place on our induction stovetop. That way we can bake a lot of them at the same time. Don’t have a one of those at home? Then use a non-stick pan, it works just as well! Grease 1 or more cooking rings, and place them on the hot pan. Then spoon the batter into the rings, and bake the crumpets for about 10 minutes. When the batter has solidified on top, flip the crumpets and bake for another 2 minutes.

If you want lots of little holes in the crumpet (as they should have) then the batter itself should not be too thick. And the dough should not be too thick in the cooking ring either.

Serving Crumpets

crumpets with labneh and chives
With fresh herbs and Labneh
crumpets with lumpfish eggs
The Russian way, with leftover lump fish eggs

Unlike English muffins, you bake crumpets more thinly, and you don’t cut them either. Usually they are eaten with butter, but they are also great with our Labneh. Let the crumpets cool slightly and put a big scoop of Labneh on top. Finish with fresh herbs. We had a little lump fish egg left in the fridge and put that on too. Or serve as brunch with an egg. But don’t forget the Labneh!

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