Labneh with bacon and brioche croutons

This is an overly delicious mezze dish. The fresh sourness of our Labneh goes very well with the full, fatty flavors of the brioche croutons with bacon. In most cases, you scoop Labneh onto the plate with flatbread. But for this recipe, you will need a spoon so that everyone can scoop the Labneh with croutons onto their plates.

Brioche croutons with bacon

Fry croutons and bacon

First, cut 3 large slices of brioche bread into small dices of about 1 cm³. Also finely chop 200 grams of breakfast bacon. Then put a tablespoon of olive oil in a pan and fry the bacon. The idea is that the fat completely melts away from the bacon. When that doesn’t happen right away, don’t worry, just have some patience. After a while, the bacon will be simmering in lots of fat. From then on, stir very well so that all the bacon browns evenly and does not burn. Finally, pour the bacon through a fine sieve to catch all the fat.

When you fry the bacon this way, you lose none of the flavorful and valuable fat. You re-use the fat to add flavor to the croutons. We also apply the same technique in this pasta salad with our Berloumi.

Pretty much everything you need for this recipe
Take your time to fry the bacon long and crispy

Now mix the brioche croutons with the bacon fat in a pan. Fry while stirring and shaking until nicely crisp. Once the croutons are crispy, add the bacon back into the pan. Also add a small spoonful of dried thyme, oregano or some basil leaves.

Let everything cool down for a bit and in the meantime, choose a matching plate out of your collection. Spread a jar of Labneh onto the plate. Be sure to make a little dimple in the middle. In that dimple, spoon the croutons and bacon. Complete your mezze with some vegetables, and you’re done!

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