Either it’s BIG love at our cheese factory every day or we made this recipe near Valentine’s Day. In any case, the combination of coriander and cardamon has been scientifically proven to be conducive to love making.

Labneh with candied peppers, cilantro and cardamon.

Cut three red bell peppers into cubes about an inch and a half in size. Push them into a small saucepan and pour almost all the way over with olive oil. Add a teaspoon of dried coriander and a teaspoon of dried, crushed cardamon.

Bring to a gentle boil for at least an hour. The idea is that the moisture from the peppers evaporates almost completely. Pour some oil from the candied bell pepper for later use. Let the pepper mixture cool to room temperature.

Scoop onto the labneh and top with fresh herbs. Scoop with yummy bread, toast, pitta bread or flatbread.

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