Labneh with tomato, saffron and basil

Slice three ripe tomatoes into wedges and remove the seeds. Then cut the segments into strips, and then again into cubes. Mix the cubes with some salt, and some sugar if you want is sweeter. The liquid should drain out, so let the diced tomatoes standing with the salt for half an hour and then put them in a strainer for another half hour. Do not pour away the liquid. Boil the liquid down with some added saffron. When there is almost nothing left, let it cool the tomato syrup for a while.

Mix the tomato pieces with the reduced tomato and saffron juice and a generous amount of good qualityolive oil. Chop about ten basil leaves with a sharp knife and mix them with the tomato mixture.

Serve over a plate of labneh and top with more basil leaves.

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