Flatbread from leftover sourdough starter.

Anyone who has sourdough starter on the kichten counter for his daily bread will come across this. You have to take away about 3/4 of your starter every day and replace it with an equal amount of flour and water. Normally you bake your new sourdough bread with it. But you don’t bake everyday and still have to feed your levain. From this already slightly extinguished sourdough you can make delicious chewy flatbread with crispy bites. Serve it with our Labneh or roll it up with salad and Berloumi.

Mix the starter you want to get rid of with a salt and other herbs. These can be dry and/or fresh herbs. Or mix in a little shaved parmesan. For a thinner flatbread you can add some water but this all depends on how thin or thick your sourdough starter is. The best result you get with a batter somewhat like a thick pancake batter.

sourdough, flatbread
We mixed our sourdough this time with za’atar.
Fry the sourdough in a skillet with olive oil. Just like you do with pancakes.

Fry the batter in a hot pan with a large amount of olive oil. Just like you would do with a pancake batter. The thicker the batter the longer you have to bake the flatbread. Once it’s done you’ll have a bit of a chewy (but tasty) sourdough flatbread with crispy edges. Perfect to fill with our Labneh, Berloumi or Ricotta from Berloumi.

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