Spring salad with broad beans.

This spring salad with our labneh and broad beans is not as simple as it looks. We blanched, cooled and dried each of the vegetables individually and with the utmost care. The dressing is simple and everything can be prepared perfectly in advance. It doesn’t really matter exactly which vegetables you choose as long as they are green and at their best in the spring. We always love to use broad beans!

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It is very important to blanch or boil all vegetables separately. It is equally important to drop them in ice water immediately afterwards. Cold water is also good but not as good. Immediately putting them in ice water fixes the beautiful green color and better preserves the sweet taste.

Blanch the broad beans for one minute and then double dip them. Blanch the French beans for seven minutes, the corn asparagus for one minute and the green asparagus for two minutes.

Immediately scoop the green vegetables into ice water until cooled. Afterwards, drain them well and dry them well in a towel. Drying lettuce is one of our most important salad tips.

Make a simple dressing by mixing one teaspoon of yellow mustard, the juice of half a lemon, pepper and salt 50 grams of olive oil.

Add the well-dried vegetables along with half a chopped sweet onion, some curly endive and lots of flat parsley leaves to the dressing and mix well. Also add 70 grams of toasted sunflower seeds for more crunch.

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